Uniquely You!

There is nothing I love more than receiving a message that says ‘can you make something special for me’!

So I start with a blank page….(and card 🙂 ) colour, design, inspiration, the world’s your oyster and I can create anything with a brief, to allow you to send that specially unique sentiment to someone.

This week has very much been about Custom Orders and it’s been a lot of fun, with some fantastic feedback too! Anniversaries and birthdays, to name a couple, with some very specific requests, so no two cards made will ever be the same, that’s the fun part. 🙂Blog Custom

Whether you have a very specific idea or just a vague notion of what you need, just ask! Drafting ideas to send out and finally looking at the finished item is always rewarding and ultimately having happy customers that return again for something else is the best feeling as a crafter!

Have a great weekend!

Sharon 🙂


Custom Orders and New Things!

So this week I’ve been busy designing some custom order wedding celebration cards and new stock items for the store! There are still two custom orders yet to do and I have brainstormed ideas and banked them ready. So just final design details to do, before the cards are made ready to go!

Creativity for me is all about thinking outside the box and coming up with something unique that belongs to both the recipient and the customer.20170427_144101

That makes it special to not only both of these people but also to me in creating a unique sentiment. I think that’s why I have so much fun making them. You can create almost anything using a brief and a little imagination!




In store there are some new cards, personalised as always and also available in the new larger size of 8 x 6in (regular are 6 x 6in). So you have options now to select the size card you would like!


Despite how much fun custom orders are, brain exhaustion now seems to have set in and I’m happy for the weekend break, ready to start afresh for what’s in store for a new week!!  🙂

Have a great weekend!

Sharon 🙂


Sporting Time of the Year.

Spring and summertime are always great times to enjoy the outdoors and sports. I was recently asked to make a Custom Order sporting card for a birthday and this inspired me to add a small selection to the store. I’ve started with just a few popular ones to choose from. There is football, golf and rugby, but as always, if there is a sport you would like, you can always hit that “Custom Request” button in the item and I will do my best to accommodate you! Any popular requests will be added to the store. Click HERE to order online.

So with warmer weather and a long weekend coming up, I hope you get to enjoy the outdoors and have some Easter fun!

Happy Easter everyone!

Sharon 🙂


Little Princesses!

Everyone loves a Disney Princess! Do you have a little princess in your life? There are lots of little girls out there (and some bigger ones! 🙂 ) who have a favourite one. So I have designed and added some new cards to the store this week with some of the most popular Disney Princesses! The cards have a costume design and a personalised banner greeting, all completed with a little sparkle. There are eight to choose from; Belle, Cinderella, Tiana, Rapunzel, Snow White, Aurora, Ariel and Elsa!

If there is one that has not been added that you like, you can of course request a “Custom Order” at no extra charge! You can check them out by clicking here.

Also, don’t forget your Easter cards too, which are in store. Three designs to choose from so I hope you will find something there that you like.Easter Cards (1)

Have a fun week!

Sharon 🙂


Mother’s Day, coming soon!

So at the end of what has been a really busy month and with Valentine’s day nearly here, we next turn to Mother’s Day in March. I will be adding a variety of cards to the store at the end of this week for you, so look out for those.

Lots of orders have gone out already this week, including a custom order card, which was fun to make for someone who loves bunnies! If you want something special just contact me!


There are also some make-overs on some older card designs that have been updated in store. The popular Pokemon card is one, along with a couple of birthday cards and some wedding cards too.

Wedding cards now have options for you, that include, bride and groom, two brides and two bridegrooms. (These can also be used as anniversary cards too, with a choice of greeting!)

Have a great week!

Sharon 🙂


A Special Greeting!

Well last week was super busy and there were lots of cards flying out the door, by post, overseas, hand delivered to friends and pick ups. Lots of personalised cards and some more special orders (I love these)!!

In the past when I’ve bought cards in a high street store, it’s not just a design that has to catch my eye and appeal to me, but also the words inside. Sometimes it’s hard to find one with sentiments that you want to convey to the person you are sending to. With that in mind I decided that all the cards available in the store would be blank inside. In this digital age, people hand write less and less. Buy a card and share a hand written sentiment, then you can say exactly what you want to! 🙂

Valentine’s day is now only a couple of weeks away so get those orders in to ensure you don’t miss receiving them in the post before the day. There are lots to choose from online in the store and if you need something really special, you can contact me via the Etsy message service (click on the Etsy link on the home page) or on my Facebook Page.

Have a great week!

Sharon 🙂



Working for Yourself……

The joys of working for yourself I am finding out, are many. Not just in the satisfaction of sending the finished product out of the door and having happy customers, but also in the opportunity to manage, create and promote yourself in a situation that was previously right out of your comfort zone. Life changes all the time, but it’s great when you’re the one steering the ship to where YOU want to be!

I was kind of expecting there to be a lull after a busy Christmas period, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. It’s been pretty much ‘hit the ground running’ since the holidays! And as I draft this blog, I hear the now familiar “Cha Ching” of my Etsy Store, letting me know there’s another new order to be processed!! That’s got to be a good thing, right!?  🙂

With some new techniques and equipment, there has been re-vamping, new designs, planning and all that alongside orders coming in from all avenues. Throw in admin and shameless self promotion, I’m a happy, if not busy girl!



With Valentine’s cards now in store ready for next month, the focus moves to Mother’s Day coming in March!



So, lots of designing, ideas floating around and demos being made in the studio.


These will be available to buy in the next few weeks, so look out for a promo once they have been added to the store.



Have a great weekend!

Sharon 🙂