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Trying Something New!

As a crafter, I’m always looking at other paper crafts and ideas and have recently tried out quilling. It’s an age old craft using rolled paper strips to form decorative shapes and has been used as far back in history by monks during the Renaissance and more recently ladies in 18th century Europe, because it was considered as a none too taxing pastime for them!!!! 😀 Needless to say I was ok and managed not to tax myself too much! 😉

I have been trying out ideas to include on greeting cards, which are quite popular and have already added some designs to the store! An any age birthday card, new baby and wedding card.

I hope you like these and of course can always request a Custom Order for something unique. More will be added to the store in the coming weeks, so keep any eye out for those!

Have a great week!

Sharon 🙂

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Crafting, Cooking and Everything In-between!

It’s been nearly a year now since I made a huge decision about my life and lifestyle and decided to give up a very demanding career. I’ve been a full time mother of three, (which I can say is by far the most rewarding and hardest job I’ve ever had), and had a career for the past 20 years. I wanted to take a step back and appreciate the smaller things, because life is too short, right!? All the kids had left home and for the last 4 years it’s just been the two of us. The perfect opportunity to make a change.Changes (1)

Bored, absolutely not!! Do I enjoy not having to make the trip to work every day, yes! So now my days are filled with other things.

I craft from home and run my Etsy Store online which has been growing nicely. I’d always “made” things in the past, being a dab hand with a sewing machine, always making things for the home and the kids and loved crafting as a child. The store keeps me busy, creative and mentally active. It’s quite a lot of ‘work’, but so much fun! 🙂

I have also learned to cook……properly. 🙂 Something I was never very good at or enjoyed, but have found a new appreciation for and realised I can make healthy food myself!

I live in a village so have the opportunity to keep up my fitness, walking in beautiful surroundings rather than the treadmill after work. I’d become a treadmill slave, as this was the the only way and time I could squeeze in exercise. It could be a little boring staring out the window or at the wall, every day. 😀 Going out (weather permitting) is so much better, fresh air and scenery! (I still treadmill as a back up.)

Thinking about making a change to your life? If you have the opportunity and means, try it. You never know how much it may improve your life!

Have a great week!

Sharon 🙂


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Working for Yourself……

The joys of working for yourself I am finding out, are many. Not just in the satisfaction of sending the finished product out of the door and having happy customers, but also in the opportunity to manage, create and promote yourself in a situation that was previously right out of your comfort zone. Life changes all the time, but it’s great when you’re the one steering the ship to where YOU want to be!

I was kind of expecting there to be a lull after a busy Christmas period, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. It’s been pretty much ‘hit the ground running’ since the holidays! And as I draft this blog, I hear the now familiar “Cha Ching” of my Etsy Store, letting me know there’s another new order to be processed!! That’s got to be a good thing, right!?  🙂

With some new techniques and equipment, there has been re-vamping, new designs, planning and all that alongside orders coming in from all avenues. Throw in admin and shameless self promotion, I’m a happy, if not busy girl!



With Valentine’s cards now in store ready for next month, the focus moves to Mother’s Day coming in March!



So, lots of designing, ideas floating around and demos being made in the studio.


These will be available to buy in the next few weeks, so look out for a promo once they have been added to the store.



Have a great weekend!

Sharon 🙂





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Happy Tuesday!

I was thinking just a coupe of days ago, how far my venture has come in the last 5 months since the store was opened, and I began to promote my craft. It’s quite a scary thing to start something so completely different to your past career and open yourself up to an audience. However, I always think that the only regrets you should have in life are the things you didn’t try!! What you do will not appeal to everyone, but there are equally many people out there who will really like what you do.

I have learned many things along this journey so far. What works, what doesn’t. How to improve my technical skills, make adjustments and be flexible to meet my customer’s needs. To think outside the box and leave my personal preference to one side, and so much more. It can be a challenge (which I thrive on) but at the same time SO rewarding and great fun!

So with Monday’s orders sent, Tuesday is all about thinking ahead and new ideas!

Have yourselves a great Tuesday!

Sharon 🙂