Love for all the Mums!

So with Valentine’s cards just added to the store, I have now added the Mother’s Day cards too for this year! Mother’s Day comes pretty early this year on March 11th, so this should be in plenty of time for all those of you who like to be organised!

I have added the top two favourites from last year and also two new cards. I hope you like them!


Happy shopping!

Sharon šŸ™‚


Valentine’s Day is Coming!!

So with Christmas now packed away, the focus in store is on Valentine’s Day, coming in a few weeks time. So check out the new cards that have been added online today for you, and as always if you want something unique you can always contact me for a Custom Order!

Click hereĀ to visit us!


Sharon šŸ™‚

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Trying Something New!

As a crafter, I’m always looking at other paper crafts and ideas and have recently tried out quilling. It’s an age old craft using rolled paper strips to form decorative shapes and has been used as far back in history by monks during the Renaissance and more recently ladies in 18th century Europe, because it was considered as a none too taxing pastime for them!!!! šŸ˜€ Needless to say I was ok and managed not to tax myself too much!Ā šŸ˜‰

I have been trying out ideas to include on greeting cards, which are quite popular and have already added some designs to the store! An any age birthday card, new baby and wedding card.

I hope you like these and of course can always request a Custom Order for something unique. More will be added to the store in the coming weeks, so keep any eye out for those!

Have a great week!

Sharon šŸ™‚

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Harry Potter Fans!

This week, although very busy, I have managed to find time to add a couple of new Harry Potter themed cards to the store!

There is now a ‘Deathly Hallows’ style card featuring the iconic symbol, that you can send for birthdays, or any other occasion you have in mind, together with a Hogwarts Express Engine card. Both have the Custom Request option, if you want to use this for Ā something other than a birthday.Ā I have also revamped the Platform 9 3/4 card a little, which is already a very popular one! There is a themed card for those currently taking and hopefully passing their exams this summer. So I hope HP fans will enjoy receiving Ā any of these!

Don’t forget the general ‘Thank You‘ cards for teachers also available in store with the 20170605_115235Summer term drawing to a close.Ā I’m sure teachers would love to receive these cards, just as much as the kids sending them, and there are three designs to choose from. If you have a special theme in mind, why not use the Custom Order item to have something unique created!


Look out soon for some new cards in the Mickey and Minnie Mouse theme range, as there will be some great new additions!

Wishing all the Dad’s out there a great Father’s Day on Sunday, so have a great weekend!

Sharon šŸ™‚

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With exams now starting at this time of the year, you may soon want to congratulate someone special on their achievements! We have some cards in store that you can send to celebrate. There are also cards for other celebrations and of course the Custom Order, should you want to send something unique.


Dont forget Fathers Day coming June 18th and there are several card designs and greetings to choose from! Check these out in store too! šŸ™‚

Have a great weekend!

Sharon šŸ™‚

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Uniquely You!

There is nothing I love more than receiving a message that says ‘can you make something special for me’!

So I start with a blank page….(and card šŸ™‚ ) colour, design, inspiration, the world’s your oyster and I can create anything with a brief, to allow you to send that specially unique sentiment to someone.

This week has very muchĀ been about Custom Orders and it’s been a lot of fun, with some fantasticĀ feedback too! Anniversaries and birthdays, to name a couple,Ā with some very specific requests, so no two cards made will ever be the same, that’s the fun part. šŸ™‚Blog Custom

Whether you have a very specific ideaĀ or just a vague notion of what you need, just ask! Drafting ideas to send out and finally looking at the finished item is always rewarding and ultimatelyĀ having happy customers that return againĀ for something else is the best feeling as a crafter!

Have a great weekend!

Sharon šŸ™‚


Diversity and Creativity!

Diversity is everything in life, I think. That’s what makes the world, people and everything in it soĀ interesting. I can’t imagine how boring things would be if everything was uniform and the same. In crafting, this allowsĀ youĀ to make something unique, and embrace the creativity. There’s nothing like doing what you love!

So, it’s been a really busy week and the last ordersĀ have now all been despatched out the door! Lots of different cards ordered this week along with some custom orders, which have all been fun to make!

There are also some new itemsĀ added to the storeĀ for you to check out. New Engagement cards are now available, in three designs, all with “ring” detail and a little sparkle!

There are also some fun animal cards now availableĀ which you can use for ANY occasion you choose! You can selectĀ from a lion, panda, mouse, bird, fox and rabbit! Great for anything from a child’sĀ birthday to a get well card. You choose the greeting!


I hope you like them!

So here’s to a relaxing and revitalising weekend!

Sharon šŸ™‚

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Custom Orders and New Things!

So this week I’ve been busy designing some custom order wedding celebration cardsĀ and new stock itemsĀ for the store! There are still two custom orders yet to do and I have brainstormed ideas and banked them ready. So just final design details to do, before the cards are made ready to go!

Creativity for me is all about thinking outside the box and coming up with something unique that belongs to both the recipient and the customer.20170427_144101

That makes it special to not only both of these peopleĀ but also to me in creating a unique sentiment. I think that’s why I have so much fun making them. You can create almost anything using a brief and a little imagination!




In store there are some new cards, personalised as always and also available in the new larger size of 8 x 6in (regular are 6 x 6in). So you have options now to select the size card you would like!


Despite how much fun custom orders are, brain exhaustion now seems to have set in and I’m happy for the weekend break, ready to start afresh for what’s in store for a new week!! Ā šŸ™‚

Have a great weekend!

Sharon šŸ™‚


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Super-size it, coming soon!

The importance of providing options for your customers, I think, is very important and recently I have been asked about larger card sizes. I have said before thatĀ taking on board feedback and having the flexibility to adapt and provide (as much as I can) the product that customers would like to see and buy, is key.Ā So I have been looking into this in order to make theseĀ available in the store. There will soon be options for most of the current cards, to select a larger size, along with new ones moving forwards!

This week, I have added some new itemsĀ to the store….. some for the men in your lives and some forĀ the ladies! These have colour options and as always, personalised greetings, all available to select on ordering. I hope you like them šŸ™‚


For those of you who have Mother’s Day still to come, there is a range of cards still available to buy. So please check those out!mday-collage

Father’s Day cards will be available online soon, so keep an eye out for those too.




Have a great weekend!

Sharon šŸ™‚