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Trying Something New!

As a crafter, I’m always looking at other paper crafts and ideas and have recently tried out quilling. It’s an age old craft using rolled paper strips to form decorative shapes and has been used as far back in history by monks during the Renaissance and more recently ladies in 18th century Europe, because it was considered as a none too taxing pastime for them!!!! 😀 Needless to say I was ok and managed not to tax myself too much! 😉

I have been trying out ideas to include on greeting cards, which are quite popular and have already added some designs to the store! An any age birthday card, new baby and wedding card.

I hope you like these and of course can always request a Custom Order for something unique. More will be added to the store in the coming weeks, so keep any eye out for those!

Have a great week!

Sharon 🙂

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New in Store!

It’s been a little while since I blogged, but I’ve been busy nevertheless! Orders, new card designs have meant a busy few weeks! So there are lots of newly added items in store already this month. Thank You cards for teachers, Congrats for exam takers and many more!

So if you have any of these occasions coming over the next few weeks, please check out the store and see if there is anything that you like!

Thank You Teacher Cards!


Congratulations Cards!


New Home and Travels cards!


Peppa Pig birthday card for your little ones!


Finally, don’t forget FATHER’S DAY, JUNE 18TH, cards available in store for you!

Have a great weekend!

Sharon 🙂

Anniversary, Birthdays, Crafting, Custom Orders, Personalised Cards

Uniquely You!

There is nothing I love more than receiving a message that says ‘can you make something special for me’!

So I start with a blank page….(and card 🙂 ) colour, design, inspiration, the world’s your oyster and I can create anything with a brief, to allow you to send that specially unique sentiment to someone.

This week has very much been about Custom Orders and it’s been a lot of fun, with some fantastic feedback too! Anniversaries and birthdays, to name a couple, with some very specific requests, so no two cards made will ever be the same, that’s the fun part. 🙂Blog Custom

Whether you have a very specific idea or just a vague notion of what you need, just ask! Drafting ideas to send out and finally looking at the finished item is always rewarding and ultimately having happy customers that return again for something else is the best feeling as a crafter!

Have a great weekend!

Sharon 🙂

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Weekends Away!

Everyone loves some time away doing something fun, don’t they! When you have an online craft store, and it’s “always open”, being available for my customers is essential.

Today, with smartphones and tablets its easy to remain accessible to customers and stay in touch with my store to maximise all my opportunities, even when I’m not at home in the studio! It really is all there at your fingertips. I can access everything I need to message, confirm orders, promote and make sure that there is no down time. Wherever my phone goes, so does my store!

Social media is the perfect way to display a product and promote craft at no cost. Mobile technology allows me to to this wherever I am, whatever I am doing, and it’s fun! I love apps that allow me to customise pictures and photos to add online, whether that be on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and the store Blog.IMG_20170404_212410_processed

I have recently been working on some Father’s Day cards ready for June, and these will be added instore very soon.

I hope you all have a great weekend, I will be 🙂 …. and as always the store will be open!

Sharon 🙂

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Crafting, Cooking and Everything In-between!

It’s been nearly a year now since I made a huge decision about my life and lifestyle and decided to give up a very demanding career. I’ve been a full time mother of three, (which I can say is by far the most rewarding and hardest job I’ve ever had), and had a career for the past 20 years. I wanted to take a step back and appreciate the smaller things, because life is too short, right!? All the kids had left home and for the last 4 years it’s just been the two of us. The perfect opportunity to make a change.Changes (1)

Bored, absolutely not!! Do I enjoy not having to make the trip to work every day, yes! So now my days are filled with other things.

I craft from home and run my Etsy Store online which has been growing nicely. I’d always “made” things in the past, being a dab hand with a sewing machine, always making things for the home and the kids and loved crafting as a child. The store keeps me busy, creative and mentally active. It’s quite a lot of ‘work’, but so much fun! 🙂

I have also learned to cook……properly. 🙂 Something I was never very good at or enjoyed, but have found a new appreciation for and realised I can make healthy food myself!

I live in a village so have the opportunity to keep up my fitness, walking in beautiful surroundings rather than the treadmill after work. I’d become a treadmill slave, as this was the the only way and time I could squeeze in exercise. It could be a little boring staring out the window or at the wall, every day. 😀 Going out (weather permitting) is so much better, fresh air and scenery! (I still treadmill as a back up.)

Thinking about making a change to your life? If you have the opportunity and means, try it. You never know how much it may improve your life!

Have a great week!

Sharon 🙂


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Spring is coming!

Photo Collage Maker_pj1XnlWalking to the village Post Office yesterday was lovely! Beautiful sunny, warm and great day to enjoy the outdoors. Spring is definitely in the air!

Easter is also only a few weeks away and I will be adding some cards to the store for those that like to send them. As always you can have them personalised and also request a Custom Order if there is something particular that you would like to have made. Bright and colourful as Spring should be!


Easter Cards (1)

Have a great week!

Sharon 🙂

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Reaching Far and Wide…. Spread Your Wings!

When you are selling your craft online it’s hard at first to know if you should stick to local shipping or add overseas.

I took a little time to think over this one, how much would it cost, time taken to get items shipped out of the UK and eventually decided that it really made little difference! OK, so sticking a stamp on a UK item is pretty easy and walking to the post box is good exercise 🙂 Posting overseas means a quick trip to the local post office. Either way, when you are ‘working from home’, it’s nice to get out into the world and change your environment for a short while. All about the work/life balance!

This is something that I don’t regret in the slightest. I’ve had many orders from overseas proving to be a positive decision. If you limit yourself to a restricted audience, you limit the possibilities for sales. How silly would that be. So don’t be afraid to spread your wings, you may just fly!

This week I have added a new birthday card to the store….Baymax, 20170301_113848from the animated movie Big Hero 6. He’s popular with the kids and one of my grandson’s favourites too. As always this card can be personalised with the age and or name of the recipient. You can also request a Custom Order for this card design if you have something else in mind!


There were also some remakes of older cards too, so check out the store!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Sharon 🙂

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Always Room for Improvement…

I believe that with anything you do in life, there is always room to grow and improve!

When I began my craft venture, I had ideas and limited equipment to get me going. Now, seven months later, I have expanded both of these along the way. It takes thinking outside the box, feedback from people who can constructively give you criticism, good and bad, and support.

If you take all this on board you find out what works, sells and what doesn’t. This enables you to move forward in a positive way and develop your skills and ideas. Reworking items you sell to improve them and make them more appealing is all part of that process. This often proves to be a really positive thing and will increase your views and sales. Never be afraid to try something new! If something works, don’t change it and if it doesn’t, think again and change it up! Nothing ventured, nothing gained as they say 🙂


Don’t forget to check out the Mother’s Day cards also available online in the store. 20170119_111033-1Lots to choose from including the ‘gift token’ card, where you can give your Mum some personal time together and chores to help her! Great for big and little kids!

Have a great week!

Sharon 🙂

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Learning as You Go Along…..

I like to think that whatever skills you have picked up in life, both in and outside the home, that there is always still so much to be learned! Every day when I work, I find out how to make something new, how to improve and update something old. How to photograph my products just that little bit better, how to make them more appealing and so much more! How boring would it be if I’d had it all figured out in the first couple of months!

I knew I had the skills to bring to the table in terms of how to get set up, be organised (I’ve spent the last 30 years plus, being a mother, wife and had a career), self disciplined and creative. So decided, how hard could it be? I planned hard, did a lot of homework and took the plunge. I’ve made mistakes, put them right. Overcome the fear of putting myself out there alone, without a Team to work alongside me, (which is what I’m used to) and finally swapped being their “Boss” to being my own! 🙂  If there is something that you want to get out of life, change your outlook and quality of life to something you feel gives you satisfaction and personal reward, if you can……. DO IT!!!

So with doing ‘new things’ in mind, I have more additions to the “Wedding Card” range inspired by my youngest daughter! If there is a wedding coming up and you need to notify family and friends attending your ceremony of the date they need to ‘save’, there are now some great

little cards you can send, that are personalised with your details. These have a small magnetic strip on the back so that they can be attached to the fridge as a reminder!

There are also some more cards you can send, to ask those close to you, to be in your wedding. Bridesmaid, Maid of Honour, Best Man, Ushers, got them all covered!


These were fun to make and I hope you like. Have a great weekend!

Sharon 🙂

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Happy Tuesday!

I was thinking just a coupe of days ago, how far my venture has come in the last 5 months since the store was opened, and I began to promote my craft. It’s quite a scary thing to start something so completely different to your past career and open yourself up to an audience. However, I always think that the only regrets you should have in life are the things you didn’t try!! What you do will not appeal to everyone, but there are equally many people out there who will really like what you do.

I have learned many things along this journey so far. What works, what doesn’t. How to improve my technical skills, make adjustments and be flexible to meet my customer’s needs. To think outside the box and leave my personal preference to one side, and so much more. It can be a challenge (which I thrive on) but at the same time SO rewarding and great fun!

So with Monday’s orders sent, Tuesday is all about thinking ahead and new ideas!

Have yourselves a great Tuesday!

Sharon 🙂