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Reaching Far and Wide…. Spread Your Wings!

When you are selling your craft online it’s hard at first to know if you should stick to local shipping or add overseas.

I took a little time to think over this one, how much would it cost, time taken to get items shipped out of the UK and eventually decided that it really made little difference! OK, so sticking a stamp on a UK item is pretty easy and walking to the post box is good exercise 🙂 Posting overseas means a quick trip to the local post office. Either way, when you are ‘working from home’, it’s nice to get out into the world and change your environment for a short while. All about the work/life balance!

This is something that I don’t regret in the slightest. I’ve had many orders from overseas proving to be a positive decision. If you limit yourself to a restricted audience, you limit the possibilities for sales. How silly would that be. So don’t be afraid to spread your wings, you may just fly!

This week I have added a new birthday card to the store….Baymax, 20170301_113848from the animated movie Big Hero 6. He’s popular with the kids and one of my grandson’s favourites too. As always this card can be personalised with the age and or name of the recipient. You can also request a Custom Order for this card design if you have something else in mind!


There were also some remakes of older cards too, so check out the store!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Sharon 🙂


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