Crafting, Mother's Day

Always Room for Improvement…

I believe that with anything you do in life, there is always room to grow and improve!

When I began my craft venture, I had ideas and limited equipment to get me going. Now, seven months later, I have expanded both of these along the way. It takes thinking outside the box, feedback from people who can constructively give you criticism, good and bad, and support.

If you take all this on board you find out what works, sells and what doesn’t. This enables you to move forward in a positive way and develop your skills and ideas. Reworking items you sell to improve them and make them more appealing is all part of that process. This often proves to be a really positive thing and will increase your views and sales. Never be afraid to try something new! If something works, don’t change it and if it doesn’t, think again and change it up! Nothing ventured, nothing gained as they say 🙂


Don’t forget to check out the Mother’s Day cards also available online in the store. 20170119_111033-1Lots to choose from including the ‘gift token’ card, where you can give your Mum some personal time together and chores to help her! Great for big and little kids!

Have a great week!

Sharon 🙂


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