Chilly Weather, Feeling a Little Frozen!

So, since Christmas the weather has been a little cold and we’ve even had a little snow too!  I’m really fortunate to have a huge pentagon shaped window right next to my workstation with fabulous natural light, even in the winter on a dull day it’s pretty good. So the outdoor view is a part of my working day, every day!

This cold snap inspired a kids birthday card to add to the store from Frozen! So there is now available an “Olaf” snowman character card which can be personalised as usual. If you have young kids or grandkids (as I do) you’ll know who this is! I still have songs in my head from watching this movie….more than once 🙂


Already this week, creativity has been at a premium with several “Special Order” cards in progress, which I will show snippets of later this week. These are proving to be very popular and I love being given a “spec” from a customer that I can work with to create a unique idea for their card. So much fun!! 🙂

Have a great week!

Sharon 🙂


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