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Learning as You Go Along…..

I like to think that whatever skills you have picked up in life, both in and outside the home, that there is always still so much to be learned! Every day when I work, I find out how to make something new, how to improve and update something old. How to photograph my products just that little bit better, how to make them more appealing and so much more! How boring would it be if I’d had it all figured out in the first couple of months!

I knew I had the skills to bring to the table in terms of how to get set up, be organised (I’ve spent the last 30 years plus, being a mother, wife and had a career), self disciplined and creative. So decided, how hard could it be? I planned hard, did a lot of homework and took the plunge. I’ve made mistakes, put them right. Overcome the fear of putting myself out there alone, without a Team to work alongside me, (which is what I’m used to) and finally swapped being their “Boss” to being my own! 🙂  If there is something that you want to get out of life, change your outlook and quality of life to something you feel gives you satisfaction and personal reward, if you can……. DO IT!!!

So with doing ‘new things’ in mind, I have more additions to the “Wedding Card” range inspired by my youngest daughter! If there is a wedding coming up and you need to notify family and friends attending your ceremony of the date they need to ‘save’, there are now some great

little cards you can send, that are personalised with your details. These have a small magnetic strip on the back so that they can be attached to the fridge as a reminder!

There are also some more cards you can send, to ask those close to you, to be in your wedding. Bridesmaid, Maid of Honour, Best Man, Ushers, got them all covered!


These were fun to make and I hope you like. Have a great weekend!

Sharon 🙂


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