Bright Craft by Sharon Studio, Crafting, General

Happy Tuesday!

I was thinking just a coupe of days ago, how far my venture has come in the last 5 months since the store was opened, and I began to promote my craft. It’s quite a scary thing to start something so completely different to your past career and open yourself up to an audience. However, I always think that the only regrets you should have in life are the things you didn’t try!! What you do will not appeal to everyone, but there are equally many people out there who will really like what you do.

I have learned many things along this journey so far. What works, what doesn’t. How to improve my technical skills, make adjustments and be flexible to meet my customer’s needs. To think outside the box and leave my personal preference to one side, and so much more. It can be a challenge (which I thrive on) but at the same time SO rewarding and great fun!

So with Monday’s orders sent, Tuesday is all about thinking ahead and new ideas!

Have yourselves a great Tuesday!

Sharon 🙂


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