Sneaky Peek!

So, I was reading this morning about it being “Friends” Day in celebration of the date that the TV series originally aired, 22 years ago!! Wow….doesn’t seem possible that its that long! Timeless is priceless that’s for sure, one of my all time favourite TV shows 🙂

Anyway if you have a friend that you need to send that special card to for what ever reason or event, you can browse our store using the “Shop”link above or visit at BrightCraftBySharon

Today we have a sneak preview of a new item coming very soon, so hoping to add this sometime next month……

20160923_122246_001 (1).jpg

If you have friends and relatives who celebrate Thanks Giving, in November, we will be adding some cards to the store soon just for that very occasion, so watch out for those too.

Well, my Friday has been very productive so far, morning run done, errands done and almost at the 10,000 step goal for today and its only just past lunch! So now to work!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Sharon 🙂


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