Bright Craft by Sharon Studio, General

Hello Everyone!

As a hard working wife, mother of 3 great kids (all grown up now!) and grandmother of two little boys, I had decided in early 2016 that I was keen to make some lifestyle changes and take my lifelong interest in crafts to a new level after deciding in the Spring to stop working full time. Big decision!!  So after some time out and a good deal of thinking I decided to take the plunge and open my lifelong interest in “making things” to a wider audience. I am enjoying this new venture in life, because it’s too short not to try something new, right!

So here I am, taking the plunge in my little home studio and enjoying making creativity my new job! I love colour, design, ideas and the accomplishment of making something unique.

I make cards and other goods from high quality card stock and am developing new ideas and designs all the time, to grow my Etsy store.

I hope that you will like what you see and that you will visit often!

Happy Etsy shopping!




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